Portland Dining Month – Departure

Departure is on the top of the Nines hotel. The views of Portland are amazing! I have only had drinks on the rooftop bar and decided I wanted to have dinner there Portland Dining Month gave me the perfect opportunity to try this modern Asian cuisine.

My dining partner and I ordered each item on the menu and split everything, no food envy for us!

First course – the beet and mizuna salad with tamari cured egg, crispy seed cracker in a sesame vinaigrette was my favorite. It was a great balance of flavors, interesting mix of textures and I adore beets. The other salad had chili spiced shrimp with shaved asparagus, garlic in a ginger miso.

Second course – steamed cod was delicate and moist accompanied by steamed julienned carrot, scallions, zucchini. The whole dish was very pretty, light and elegant. Marinated flank steak with pea shoots, mint, ginger, red onion and avocado was delicious. My only complaint was the flank steak slices were a bit thick that you couldn’t bite through the slices of meat. I didn’t think to ask for a knife since I just committed and popped the whole thing in my mouth.


Dessert course – the coconut milk chocolate bar with mocha ice cream (yum!) adorned with crystallized ginger and spiced popcorn was delish! Chocolate lovers, get this dessert! On the fruitier side the rhubarb pâté on white chocolate puffed rice biscuit, strawberries and marcona almonds with a kalamansi (citrus) sorbet was tart balanced by the sweet of the biscuit. I have to admit, I was way fixated on the sorbet more than anything else.


I truly appreciate Departure has both vegan and gluten-free menus available. If you are 20130606-223501.jpgstarving, portions are not large but they are tasty.

By the way, completely failed in my Asian-ness, I only got pictures of dessert. I was too busy eating and forgot to get pictures of the rest of the meal!




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