Go stand in a line…

World Domination Summit was this past weekend, July 5-7. Wow, what an epic ride. There were so many things from that weekend that had me laughing, on the verge of tears, thinking a-ha, YES!

I thought on Monday, wow I could have taken pictures of everything I ate at the food carts, that would have been an great write up but I didn’t take any pictures…and what’s a food blog without a food porn?

But what was amazing about the whole experience could be summed up in advice given to my by a 3x attendee when I said I felt a bit of overwhelm. She said, and I will paraphrase, go stand in a line and strike up a conversation and see what happens. The most amazing things happen in lines, first evening at the zoo, standing in line for a salad, I met Harrison, Nick and Emily, Emily went for a beverage and brought back Mary and Jessica; cruising the food lines for something gluten-free for lunch the next day I ran into someone that I knew online and had hoped to meet. Next to Brenda was Myra, all three of us gluten-free, bonding ensued until the end.

dancing at the end!



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