“Eat Hai!” is what my Grandma said when you sat at her table. Mark, my cousin defined it as, “The meaning of eat hai is that there is food here, there is always food here waiting for you. Please consume until you cannot eat anymore and then eat more beyond that.”

The love of food; cooking it, eating it, sharing it is the legacy handed down by my Grandma. Her domain was the kitchen and one way her love was transmitted was through her food. Many fond memories of her are in her kitchen; eating soda crackers with a 1/4″ of butter on it and her laughing at all the butter I was consuming. Learning to make maki sushi, striving to center the ingredients but knowing the imperfect ones were going to be eaten later. The refrigerator was a cornucopia of delectable, nourishing goodies all the time.

This place will capture and curate all my food adventures; new recipes, new foods, interesting kitchen items, eating out, gluten free alternatives and work-arounds and anything else I find that is interesting, yummy and have a burning desire to share.

Welcome and EAT HAI!


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