My food philosophy and miscellaneous brain tingles

This is an ongoing stream of consciousness list of self discovery and important thoughts…

  • Cooking with love makes food taste better
  • Love people, cook them tasty food (thank you Penzey’s)
  • Salt and fat tastes good (see moderation below)
  • Everything, everything, EVERYTHING in moderation
  • Too many ingredients in a recipe can make me frustrated, my head hurt and I am less likely to cook it
  • Know what you are eating, if you can’t pronounce it (minus something in French, then pronounced badly, at least by me), you probably shouldn’t be eating it.
  • Wheat gluten is not my friend. I miss Carr’s water crackers but it’s not worth it anymore.
  • I will eat just about anything (see note about wheat) as long as it’s not moving, however, if it’s slow and looks appetizing it’s a goner
  • Salty, umami, sour, bitter, sweet, in that order. Though umami and sour may need to duke it out on occasion
  • Cooking puts me in my happy place and is great stress relief
  • I unconsciously happy dance if I eat something particularly good
  • I work toward eating what makes my body feel good. Note, I said body, not mind/psyche/emotions. If I followed the messages of the non-corporeal I’d be 200 pounds of water retention from all the salt
  • Recipes give parameters and guidance, the world will not end and you will not completely ruin your dish if you substitute, leave something out or add an ingredient
  • Cooking without a recipe is fun, really it is, you should try it sometime
  • Some of the best dishes I have created were due to having to clean out my refrigerator
  • Someday I want to try this:

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